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The modern PA, VA and EA are at the epicentre of the companies and industries they serve. Long gone are the days of limited power and influence, the modern assistant carries strong responsibilities and has a powerful place as the backbone of their company. The PA Show exists to support an incredible number of talented individuals who keep businesses ticking and moving forwards.

With a focus on personal development, the PA Show offers executive support professionals access to CPD accredited training and professional talks and discussions from leading lights in the field. It also offers a whole range of solutions from relevant suppliers that can help support them deliver in their roles and a place to meet others and build their professional network.

To book your place on the seminar programme you need to register and then click ‘Book Seminars’ on the summary page.  If you have already registered then you can login to your registration YouTube翻墙, and click ‘Login to your registration’ at the bottom of the page.



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The Workplace Wellness and Wellbeing Summit – hosted by PA Life – will provide two days of talks from leading experts and thought-leaders with one goal in mind: to help you to prioritise self-care and maintain a good work/life balance. Topics covered will include Nutrition, Goal Mapping, Avoiding Burnout and much more.

See the full schedule here.

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  • To make an impact and deliver a positive message to your clients, staff and providers
  • To prepare your team building events, motivational meetings, conferences, loyalty programmes, product launches, seminars and sales incentives

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